Thursday, July 8, 2010

korea wait for me!

anyeong haseyo..'s take a longer time for me to writing back in my blog. hehe..whatever. this time i want to share about my dreamed country. what is it? absolutely it was K.O.R.E.A. why korea? my friends always asked me that question. for me korea is the best country ever after malaysia. from my eyes i see something that korea have but other country does not have it. the "something" make korea look so special and interesting for me. i don't know how to describe the "something" in word. it was really difficult for me. just a people who is "kipas-susah-mati" korea know what i want to saying about the "something" of korea. [maybe]...

korea was divided into two. it has south korea and north korea. and the korea that i really interested is south korea. this korea has a city that call as S.E.O.UL. it was a very beautiful ever city [maybe for me] that i had seen. every place in korea has a beautiful picture view that really make me amazed with it. it's make me the nature lover want to travel to korea . hopefully i can make it true. hurm...yeongwhani saranghae korea!!

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