Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my bad marks!

assalamualaikum...peaceful night again with raining non stop. alhamdulillah Allah give me some idea to write something tonight. it take a long time for me to think what i want to write in my second entry.hah!and now i get something to write.

when i was read a comic at my room, my lovely sister suddenly came in and asked me about my marks for additional mathematic paper.

"what's going on with your marks? it was really terrible. i think you does not study for this subject right?" with silent mode i nodded and continued my reading.

i really amazed my sister, because she can founded how can i get that bad marks. sis you are really great! i was finished my midterm last month and after that i had received the result. but only for mathematic moden and additional mathematic. i just can say, it was exhausted result. i get A- for my mathematic moden and D for my additional mathematic. the marks? it was secret.

first i was reallly regret. A-? yeah, i can accepted it. but D? can you imagine how terrible it is? when the teacher give the paper to me, my little heart just said i will pass. that's all. it does not said i will pass with a flying colour result! but i still thanks because i doesn't fail in this paper and had been list in top 7 student in my class that's pass. after that i set my mind to positive. with a big smile, i said to myself

"all it's my false. because i does not prepared early to sat up for this paper. so, what i need to do is just accepted this result with leisured heart and do my best for the next exam."

the moral that i get from this situation is i must prepared early for all paper and study smart not just study hard. it must together to get a nice result. and now i'm in waiting zone to get my result for other paper. hopefully i can get a flying colour result!

for myself listen this:

you are not stupid if you fail after you try your best
because it was a test and you will get a reward
will up your status beside Him
if you accepted it with patient and still attempt
but, you really stupid
if you does not attempt
because you will fail and distress
they has no reward for you
and you also will get sin

get the meaning? so shuhaida do your best and attempt until your last breath.huuu~

p/s:forgive me if have a mistaken in this entry. i hope who read it can correct the mistaken. thank you!


MS Rizal said...

it's your bad. What you give you get back. Don't worry, I got D for my phsyic and chemical paper during my form 4 class. But after that I pay more attention for this class. And not suprise when I obtain A for this both of subject. Additional Math, do more homework. You are too lazy young girl. Don't compare the SPM session with your PMR session.

If you don't change now. Believe me, you will facing trouble for the next year. Take it my advice as a challenge.

shuhaida said...

yeah,it's true i'm really2 lazy now...huhu..insyaallah i will change...thanks for the advice

SuhaNa said...

salam a'alaik..absolutely agreed with MS Rizal,PMR its not same with SPM, just think it wisely my dear. You're not IPTA student that face examination per sem,you must cover all topic with 11 subject only couple of years..don't be friend with LAZY~

shuhaida said...